Contract Managed Markets MSLs

(also known as: Managed Care Liaisons, Managed Care MSLs, or Health Outcomes Liaisons)

Each client engagement is customized to meet specific need(s) and size requirements utilizing flexible, talented, and experienced field-based medical professionals to build out their medical managed markets capabilities.

Our network of field-based Managed Markets Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are highly experienced medical professionals. These MSLs represent a client’s field medical team with a high degree of scientific and business acumen. Their areas of experience include, but are not limited to Rare Diseases, Hematology, Oncology, Hemophilia, Multiple Sclerosis, Immunology, Neurology/CNS, Parkinson’s Disease.

It is essential in today’s hyper-competitive environment that pharmaceutical/biotech companies quickly and effectively educate payers and providers regarding their products’ clinical differentiations and value proposition.

Our Managed Markets MSLs…

(also known as: Managed care Liaisons, Managed Care MSLs, or Health Outcomes Liaisons)


  • ​Have expertise in managed, including specialty pharmacy and prescription benefit managers (PBM), public health sector, as well as health outcomes
  • Strong communication and strategic skills; demonstrated ability to identify opportunities for medical engagement
  • Have demonstrated customer-focus, problem solving abilities and strong conflict resolution skills
  • Provide medical support to managed care account teams
  • Serve as an external national scientific resource
  • Engage in credible and transparent scientific information exchange with formulary decision makers and other key stakeholders, such as physicians, pharmacists and nurses
  • Use their scientific knowledge and skills to communicate our client’s products clinical evidence
  • Use their business acumen to communicate our client’s products value proposition
  • Respond to unsolicited medical requests for information regarding products
  • Collect credible competitive information bringing the medical voice of the customer to inside a client’s organization
  • Provide internal teams with the managed care perspective
  • Participate in advisory boards and other forums as appropriate
  • Attend relevant medical conferences/congresses
  • Assist in the development of and critical review of managed care materials/tools such as economic models, AMCP dossiers & slide decks

Toward the end of each engagement period, the client may choose to:



Extend the current agreement based upon need.


Have our contracted staff coordinate warm hand-offs.


Hire these contracted professionals as permanent members of your team, if mutually agreeable to all parties.


Add a tail to the contract for minimum coverage.

Benefits to Pharmaceutical Client

  • receive highly experienced field-based medical managed market professionals (liaisons)
    • these individuals are ready to go
    • delivery of face-to-face formulary decision maker presentations
    • staff available across the country
  • provide both internal and external engagement with key stakeholders
    • internal medical committee participation
    • other field-based teams
    • resource vendors
  • interface with external resources for tool development such as slides and/or tools to demonstrate product value
  • no searching, screening and training (except product & disease specific, internal requirements) of this medical team
  • flexible staffing arrangements – staffing up during launch prep and launch, while staffing down in post launch stage without staff cuts
  • avoid hiring any D-degree person just to fill an opening
  • avoid turnover when inexperienced staff leave to another company after putting in their year or two to get experience
  • avoid lost opportunity costs when hiring inexperienced field-based medical professionals during critical launch periods