Contract Therapeutic Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Each client engagement is customized to meet specific need(s) and size requirements utilizing flexible, talented, and experienced field-based medical professionals to build out their field Medical Affairs.

Our network of field-based Therapeutic MSLs are highly experienced medical professionals. These MSLs represent a client’s Medical Affairs department using their high degree of scientific acumen. Their areas of experience include, but are not limited to Rare Diseases, Hematology, Oncology, Hemophilia, Multiple Sclerosis, Immunology, Neurology/CNS, Parkinson’s Disease.

Our Therapeutic MSLs…

  • Have strong communication and strategic skills; demonstrated ability to identify opportunities for medical engagement
  • Utilize demonstrated customer-focus, problem solving abilities and strong conflict resolution skills
  • Commonly are deployed in advance of a product launch to assess the medical community landscape
  • Identify key opinion leaders for key company initiatives
  • MSLs build relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs)/thought leaders and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in a comprehensive range of activities
  • Through their relationships with KOLs and healthcare providers, gain critical insights into a specific disease market trends, practice and the competition
  • Identify and share competitive intelligence (CI)
  • Communicate information with internal stakeholders
  • Provide internal medical teams with the HCP perspective to translate clinical science into clinical practice
  • Provide high level scientific exchange: product information, clinical questions, and clinical trial questions
  • Deliver medical presentations to diverse audiences including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other key stakeholders
  • Engage a defined set of customers, when appropriate, in discussions related to collaborative research
  • Respond to medical information requests
  • Respond to unsolicited medical requests for product information
  • Support multiple activities, including publications, speaker training, medical conference/congress staffing
  • Participate in and lead advisory boards, as appropriate
  • Attend and network with attendees at conferences/congresses
  • Assist in the development and critical review of materials/tools such as AMCP dossiers & slide decks

These contracted Therapeutic MSLs are exclusively matched to your company for the length of the contract. At the end of the contract period, these individuals may become permanent members of your team if mutually agreeable to all parties.


Toward the end of each engagement period, the client may choose to:



Extend the current agreement based upon need.


Have our contracted staff coordinate warm hand-offs.


Hire these contracted professionals as permanent members of your team, if mutually agreeable to all parties.


Add a tail to the contract for minimum coverage.

Benefits to Pharmaceutical Client

  • receive highly experienced field-based medical affairs professionals (liaisons)
    • these individuals are ready to go
    • delivery of face-to-face presentations to HCPs
    • staff available across the country
  • provide both internal and external engagement with key stakeholders
    • internal medical committee participation
    • other field-based teams
    • resource vendors
  • interface with external resources for tool development, such as slides
  • no searching, screening and training (except product & disease specific, internal requirements) of this medical team
  • flexible staffing arrangements – staffing up during launch prep and launch, while staffing down in post launch stage without staff cuts
  • avoid hiring any D-degree person just to fill an opening
  • avoid turnover when inexperienced staff leave to another company after putting in their year or two to get experience
  • avoid lost opportunity costs when hiring inexperienced field-based medical professionals during critical launch periods